POLi Pokies New Zealand

Players in New Zealand who enjoy the ease and convenience of playing pokies on the go, using their mobile devices, can also fund their accounts with ease, while on the move!Online financial transaction service POLi will let you make safe, easy deposits and withdrawals at top mobile casinos, without ever having to supply your bank details. Compatible with local bank accounts, the service also means you won’t need to use your credit card online.Use this e-wallet to fund your account when at home, at the office, at the pub, at the beach, or while on the move, and enjoy the thrill of playing for cash rewards at your leisure!

Fast Transaction at POLi Pokies Casinos

One of the biggest benefits of using POLi to fund your New Zealand mobile pokies casino account is the fast transaction turnaround time. Players who want to enjoy the thrill of real money pokies while on the move don’t want to wait hours for their credits to reflect in their account balances.

Deposits made using this great e-wallet are process almost immediately, so you should be able to start playing to win within seconds of authorising your deposit. Withdrawals may take longer to process than deposits, due to bank verification procedures.

Secure Pokies Deposits & Withdrawals with POLi

Mobile casino deposits and withdrawals made with POLi are protected by the latest Secure Socket Layer data encryption technology, anti-fraud software, and other security features. Adding to the security of the e-wallet is the linking of your online bank and e-wallet accounts, allowing you to automatically log into the e-wallet when you log into your bank account. When making deposits or withdrawals, you will not be required to submit your online bank account login details or password.

The Basics Behind POLi

POLi provides players with an e-wallet, facilitating fast and safe online payments for services or goods. The service eliminates the need for players to submit banking or credit card details to mobile casinos and other sites.

To set up an active e-wallet, you first would need to open an account at the service’s website, and then link that account to your online bank account. Once this simple process has been completed, your next step would be to transfer funds from your bank account to your e-wallet.

Once the new balance reflects in your e-wallet, you will be ready to fund your New Zealand mobile pokies casino account.

POLi Makes NZD Pokies Play Simple

As soon as you have transferred funds from your online bank account to your POLi account, you will be able to make a deposit at your favourite mobile casino.Deposits and withdrawals are done on the mobile site’s cashier page, or through the app for devices such as Android, iPad, and iPhone.

To make a deposit, you would need to select the Deposit option, and then select the relevant banking method from the list of options. You then need to enter the amount of money you want to deposit, and then confirm the transaction with your e-wallet login details.The process of making withdrawals is similar. You would select the Withdraw option, and follow the easy steps. Once the funds reflect in your e-wallet, you can transfer them into your online bank account.

Fund your Pokies Player Account with POLi Now

Use POLi to fund your accounts at recommended New Zealand mobile pokies casinos, and enjoy an accessible and safe way to power playing to win while on the go now!